Welcome to our farm!! Located in Ridgefield, WA, across from the new ilani Casino, you are invited to pet, hug, feed, and have a safe experience meeting our herd of 13 llamas and alpacas.

Whether it’s needing some mid-covid-19 therapy, looking for an educational experience for your homeschooling kiddos, or simply obsessed with llamas and alpacas, you can now visit our farm for a private, one-on-one visit. Following Covid-19 protocols, adults are welcome to walk into the pasture for a unique experience of being surrounded by adoring camelids. Younger kiddos will have the safe ability of meeting the herd through our open deck. You will even be able to walk a llama/alpaca of your choosing through our new, mini obstacle course and end the hour with a family photo.

Keep scrolling for what to know and pricing below.

Below are steps to help book your llamazing experience. We are able to host farm visitations rain or shine complete with a fully dry obstacle experience.

How to book your visit:

  1. Pick your day. Use our calendar viewable HERE to help pick your day to visit. Weekends are subject to our availability 2 weeks out. Weekdays can be booked any time.
  2. Come dressed in weather-appropriate clothes along with close-toed shoes as you will be engaging with large livestock. During rainy months, the pasture can be quite muddy, so come prepared with shoes to get dirty in. Even if under cover, we will be outside and in open-air environments throughout your visit.
  3. Take into account traffic patterns to arrive 5-10 minutes before your visit. In the event you arrive late and we have a scheduled visit after you, you may not receive the full time desired on the farm for the safety of each group. There is no refund for failure to commute in a timely manner.
  4. For the safety of your children, please have a conversation with young kiddos to not climb on our rock walls or run along the deck during your visit. Waivers will be signed before your visit so please be aware of whether or not children you bring will be able to remain safe and reasonably calm during your visit.
  5. We will provide carrots for feeding.

Visits are typically 45 minutes for groups up to 4 people starting at $65 mid-week starting times 11am-3pm, $100 starting at 3pm and later, and $150 on weekends. $15 for each person over 4 joining in your group. Children UNDER 18 months are free. Pricing is based on assumed time needed to prepare for your group and time on the farm and are not restricted to only 4 people.

Homeschool/preschool, etc. groups are also available for field trips mid-week at $15 per family with a 3 family minimum. 

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