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“Brando’s Napoleon” was generously donated to our program in 2010 by Columbia Mist Alpacas in Woodland, WA, to become our first therapy alpaca!  Most alpacas tend to have a stronger “herd instinct” than llamas, and few do well when they are separated from their buddies. Napoleon is very unique, as he has always had a very independent personality, and so enjoys venturing out by himself. He has done remarkably well on therapy visits from the start, and after using our llamas for therapy, we are really enjoying the difference in the response we are receiving with Napoleon. His smaller size is much less intimidating for many that might tend to be more nervous about approaching our big llamas, and he is just the right height for those in wheelchairs or for bedside visits! We love having such a sweet alpaca to share with everyone!


We got to meet Ted Danson while promoting the DoveLewis “Boutiques Unleashed” event at KOIN-6 TV!



Shannon and Napoleon were both very honored to model fashions designed by Seth Aaron Henderson in the 2011 Boutiques Unleashed fashion show!

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Napoleon is the perfect “special guest” for any event!