“Little Charlie Chaplin” is the newest addition to the Mtn Peaks herd.  Born July 7th, 2011 at Rockn’ R Llamas in Vancouver, WA, Charlie’s registered name is “Black Ice”, however, that somewhat scary term just didn’t seem to fit for this cute little guy!At nearly three years of age, Charlie has only grown as tall as our alpaca, Napoleon, so we are assuming that he will continue to remain small, and might actually be classified as a miniature llama!Little Chap is a silky-fibered llama- unfortunately, his beautiful locks were matted into dreadlocks when he came to our home, and so we had to shave them all off, so that we will be able to keep him brushed and soft to pet and hug for future therapy visits.
Charlie is very touchable and sweet, but will need some training because he hasn’t been out in public much, and will require a lot of desensitizing in all kinds of environments. We think he has loads of potential, and will be very loved by those we visit in the future! Welcome home, Little Chap!