Jean-Pierre is our newest addition, and was donated to Mountain Peaks in 2012 by Mike Safley of NW Alpacas. We are very excited about the potential Pierre brings to our therapy program, as he is extremely touchable on his head and face, and is incredibly huggable!  Pierre’s fiber is also the softest of all of our alpacas- like petting a giant fluffy cotton ball!Unfortunately, Pierre was not trained to take grain or carrots when we got him, and feeding our llamas and alpacas is everyone’s favorite part of our visits.  Pierre has started to enjoy snacking on some grain now, so as soon as he figures out how delicious carrots are, we will begin taking him to visit local senior and rehab communities. Everyone is going to just fall in love with little Pierre! 


                                                       Jean-Pierre at a Pet Expo in Pullyallup, WA



                                    Jean-Pierre on a visit to Highgate Senior Living in Vancouver, WA