Jean-Pierre was donated to Mountain Peaks in 2012 by Mike Safley of NW Alpacas.  J.P. has brought great potential to our therapy program, as he is extremely touchable on his head and face, and is incredibly huggable!  Pierre’s fiber is also the softest of all of our alpacas- like petting a giant fluffy cotton ball!  


In 2016, we began to loan Jean-Pierre as a 4-H Project Animal to a sweet little girl named Allara!  Under Allara’s patient training, JP has won top award ribbons at our local and State fairs, and Allara also has been JP’s handler for several parades and special events in our community! It’s been so fun to watch these two grow and learn together- the future is bright for Allara and JP!! 



                                                       Jean-Pierre at a Pet Expo in Pullyallup, WA



                                    Jean-Pierre on a visit to Highgate Senior Living in Vancouver, WA