We first heard about Beni from Sherri Tallmon, owner of Hidden Oaks Llama Ranch, where we purchased our amazing therapy llama, Smokey. At that time, Beni’s name was “Midnight”, and Sherri had noticed him at a farm where he was suffering from neglect, and severely underweight for his age.Sherri was convinced that Midnight would not survive if she did not intervene, and so she took him in, and provided him with the necessary treatments to regain his health.(Sherri has been honored for her commitment to rescuing, rehabilitating, and placing, many llamas into loving homes over the years.) Because Beni was so touchable and people friendly, Sherri suggested him to us for possible future therapy use, and so we brought him to our home on September 23rd, 2009, to help continue his recovery, and fell in love with him almost immediately! We decided to adopt Beni a few weeks later to train for therapy, and now Beni does many of our therapy visitations, and is ranked as the #2 “Beyond the Showring” llama in the world (after Rojo!) for 2011 (according the the International Llama Registry which has close to 200,000 llamas registered)!  We are very proud of Beni, and so thankful to Sherri for rescuing him so we can share this very special llama with so many who love him!(We renamed Midnight “Benito” because it seemed to fit him better- “Benito” means “blessing” in Spanish, and he definitely has been a blessing to us!)  Beni’s first “unofficial” visit to Serendipity Center in 2009!





Beni’s first “unofficial” visit to Serendipity Center in 2009!