Mtn Peaks Therapy Llamas & Alpacas regularly visit special-needs organizations and classrooms, hospitals, senior communities, and rehab facilities throughout Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. Research has shown that animals help humans by acting as social bridges, reducing blood pressure, directing thoughts outward, and serving as strong motivators for accomplishing difficult tasks.


Our Therapy Teams might take a walk with an adolescent struggling with difficult issues, or motivate a patient recovering from a stroke to reach farther, or calm a child with autism so that they can focus, and achieve new goals. By offering friendship and warm touch, our llamas help alleviate loneliness, lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Their presence brings a sense of normalcy to institutional settings.


We regularly visit:

  1. Long term and skilled care facilities
  2. Assisted living communities
  3. Hospitals
  4. Residential treatment centers
  5. Physical rehabilitation centers
  6. Adult and Child day care
  7. Hospice

    All of the Therapeutic Visits we do are donation-supported, either by those facilities that have budgets for our kinds of services, through the donations we receive for our other animal-related activities , or through corporate or private donations.


    For those facilities that can afford to help us, we request a donation of $100 for Rojo or Napoleon for a 1 1/2hr visit in facilities located up to 30 min from our home in Vancouver, WA (for each additional 15 minutes of drive time, add $25).  We normally begin our morning therapy visits at 10:30 or 11AM, and our afternoon visits at 12:30 or 1PM, to avoid traffic issues which can cause undue stress for our animals.  Unfortunately, therapeutic visits requested for later in the day, or on weekends, are subject to the same suggested donation rates as our special event requests, as that is our animal’s, and our, “downtime”.

    Contact us today for more information about our therapy services!